UUCLC Corona Virus Course of Action

Your Safe Congregation Team, Board, and various other leaders of the congregation have been carefully weighing the increasing risks posed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We recognize that emotions and anxiety are high, and we ask for your patience and understanding as leadership makes the best decisions it can with the information we currently have.

Our planning is based on the fundamental hope that no member of UUCLC contracts COVID-19, but with the awareness that it is entirely possible one of us will do so in the course of our daily lives, and so our goal is that UUCLC will not become a site of spread. We of course balance this hope and this goal with our deep desire and commitment to continue providing the spiritual and social nourishment we all find at UUCLC.

At the moment, the effort to balance these leads us to a preliminary course of action. The below actions are taken with the understanding that social distancing (literally putting space between humans), is primary in slowing the virus’ spread.

  1. All potlucks have been canceled. If you need food after the service, you are invited to bring your own. Coffee and tea will continue to be served.
  2. Children’s programming has been canceled for the time being.
  3. The Bing Futch concert and chili dinner event has been postponed.

Sunday morning services and discussion group will continue for now, though we will continue to ask you not to make physical contact with each other– no handshaking or hugging– and we will ask you now to maintain some physical distance. We also encourage you to wash your hands frequently. If you have extra hand sanitizer and wish to bring it to UUCLC, we will gladly accept it (make sure you have enough for yourself first!).

Small group meetings– committees, covenant groups, etc– may continue on site. However, we encourage the following steps:

  1. If you can meet remotely without severely limiting your meeting, please do. Rev. Tracie has a Zoom video conferencing account that she is willing to set up for committee meeting use. Please contact her at tbarrett@uuma.org with at least a week’s notice so she can set that up for you.
  2. If you intend to meet in person, please sit far apart from each other.
  3. Encourage your meeting members to wash hands upon entering the building, and before leaving.
  4. Have tissues available for your meeting.
  5. Do not engage in any food sharing at your meeting.

Please know that as we enact these first measures, Rev. Tracie is in touch with our Caring Team and the Safe Congregations Team. We are making plans to be ready to support any UUCLC folks who end up in quarantine, and to ensure that those among us who must stay home because they are at high risk are supported and checked on frequently. We will make every effort to maintain the central functions of UUCLC for as long as possible, but we will make all necessary plans for the future.

Please let Rev Tracie know if you have been exposed to or have contracted the virus, or have been asked to self quarantine.

Please also heed the CDC’s advice to self quarantine if you have been traveling to countries with an outbreak.

Our goal is to keep all of UUCLC safe, with special attention to protecting the most vulnerable among us.

This is a scary time, and we are here for you. Please be in touch with Rev. Tracie, or any of our amazing UUCLC leadership if you have questions, concerns, needs, or a listening ear at this time.

With hope and commitment,

Rev. Tracie and the Board of Trustees