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Click on the "Donate" button below to donate to UUCLC on-line by Credit or Debit card or PayPal.

  • Any donation that you make here will be directed to the UUCLC Operating Account General Fund.
  • If you have pledged, the net amount (donation minus fees) will be credited as a payment on your Pledge for current Fiscal Year.
  • If you wish your donation to be used for some other purpose, please fill out the “Add special instructions…” section to notify the Treasurer where you would like your donation to be directed.
  • This online PayPal service is not free of charge. UUCLC will receive a little over 2% less than you donate ($100 becomes $97.50), so please consider giving a little extra.

          Thank you for your donation to UUCLC.

          ~ Stu Anderson, UUCLC Treasurer