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Rev. Tracie Barrett-Welser

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Monthly Message – September 2018

What a great welcome back to UUCLC! It was wonderful to rejoin this Beloved Community at the end of August. I was heartened to hear how much work you've accomplished over this summer. It was not without struggle, of course, but all great work involves that.

I recently touched base with our committee chairs, asking them two questions about this summer. I now ask them of each of you (slightly altered). I encourage you to respond as you're willing as it will give me great insight for our work together in the year ahead. You can email me at with your answers. The questions are: 1) What are you most proud of this congregation doing this summer? 2) What challenges or struggles, if any, did you encounter in the congregation this summer (and how did you resolve them or where you might need help resolving them)? If you don't want to send it in email, you can contact me to set up an appointment and we can chat about your answers.

I am so blessed to be your minister and I am so thrilled to be back with you. We are going to do great things together this year!

…Rev. Tracie