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Rev. Tracie Barrett

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Monthly Message – March 2019

As our Leadership Council and various committees know, we are gearing up to create the budget for our next fiscal year here at UUCLC. Right now, the committees are presenting to the Treasurer their budget requests. The finance committee then gets the difficult task of putting all of those together with the bills and other expenses the congregation has and presenting a budget. Part of that is looking at the previous year’s pledges to see what kind of income we might expect for the following year. This, obviously, is where things can get dicey.

This week, a guest to our building glanced at our pledge update sign that is posted in the narthex. They first stated that it looked like we were doing well, we had reached $86,492 amount out of $115,000. When I pointed out that it was pledges coming in for the current pledge cycle, they realized it was not a good sign. This is the current status of our 2018-2019 fiscal year. We have achieved this amount of pledge thanks to the commitment of 59 pledge units (families, couples, individuals).

Very few people like talking about money. I know I was raised that it was a taboo topic. However, we must start talking about money and what it takes to fulfill our goals for this congregation.

Last year, I asked you to share your dreams for this congregation if you didn’t have to figure out where that money comes from. You shared wonderful dreams of a vibrant community with full-time staff, programming options for all ages, and inviting community spaces. I believe we can achieve those dreams. It takes commitment from all of us.

This month I spoke about thinking about our legacy here at UUCLC. We were blessed with gifts from those who have gone before us to allow us to get to where we are now. However, we cannot stop now. If we wish to fulfill the dreams they had for us, if we wish to fulfill the dreams we have for our future, we must act now.

I invite you this month to think deeply about what UUCLC means to you. Think about what it can mean to our community around us. This year, when leadership comes to you with the budget, I encourage you to dig deep and put a pledge amount that shows what UUCLC means to you.

...Rev. Tracie