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Rev. Tracie Barrett-Welser

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Monthly Message – May 2018

The past few weeks have reminded me of little yearly anniversaries. The day I was able to announce I had accepted the offer to be your minister. My first time seeing our new building (which still was under construction at the time). The day I came to the Women's Club to be introduced to you as your minister. This month will see more milestones for all of us. Including the big one at the end of the month – the anniversary of opening our beautiful building and having our first service. What a year this has been! We have accomplished so much in this year.

We installed our chalice, our piano, a beautiful quilt, and stunning stained glass windows and dedicated the building and the Ruth Russell Gray Sanctuary with a full house of members, friends, neighbors, and honored guests. After a few delays, we moved into our kitchen and had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal as a community. We had our first candlelight Christmas Eve service. We have hosted numerous concerts and community events. We have filled this space with love and commitment to Unitarian Universalist values. These are marks of a thriving congregation.

Our Lifespan Education team has organized the library and set up a beautiful room for children and their families. We have a full offering of adult classes for the upcoming year. We have covenant groups forming and circle dinners happening. We now are preparing to order new chairs for both the sanctuary and the social hall. And, since entering this building, we have welcomed twenty-three new members to our community. These are the marks of a growing congregation.

Our hardworking president and one of our trustees have finished their terms of office after a very busy couple of years shepherding our congregation through the building project. We wish them well as they transition to other duties (or none at all!) within the congregation. We welcome our new trustees and our new president as we shift into the second year in the building. Things will change and adjust as we settle in to new structures and procedures. These are marks of a reflective congregation.

As I wrap up this first year of ministry with you, I am amazed and humbled by all of you. The numerous conversations I've had with so many of you in all kinds of settings have shown me how much you love one another, how willing you are to be challenged to go deeper, and how proud you are of this congregation. These are the marks of a spiritual congregation.

I cannot wait to see where we go in our second year together. The month of May wraps up my final month of this year but I will be with you all for three days in June to wrap things up before General Assembly in Kansas City and then summer leave. I will return in mid-August to be with you all again. This month, let us begin to plant and tend to the seeds for what we will grow next year. I can't wait to see where we go next year...together.

- Rev. Tracie