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Monthly Message - June 2020 - from our departing minister, Rev. Tracie Barrett

Rev. Tracie Barrett

What a few months this has been! I am so proud of all of you who have been brave and willing to learn new technology for us to stay safely together. While Zoom can have its glitches, it has been a solid platform for us to provide space for committee meetings, covenant circles, check ins, and worship. Our volunteers are doing everything they can in conjunction with the work that Zoom is doing in the background to make sure that all of our online gatherings are safe. I can say that so far, we have not had any problems with security risks. I don’t foresee any, either.

As my time with you winds down, I want to share a few important bits of information. On Sunday, June 21, we will be having a virtual animal blessing! Which means you don’t have to hide your pets away during this service. We want to see them all! If your pets are shy or uncooperative, you are encouraged to have a photo nearby to share with us. If you have a beloved pet that has passed, we will also have time to honor them, so please have a photo or other token ready to share.

June 24-28 will be General Assembly. This year it is all virtual, and I invite you to participate in as much as you can via the UUA website ( You don’t have to register to attend many of the events, although you can if you wish to attend some of the workshops. I’m pleased that we have two delegates besides myself who will represent UUCLC during the business meetings. I hope you will check out what is going on in our wider UU world and see how connected we truly are.

Sunday, June 28th will be my last service with you as your minister. I hope you will come to that service so we can say goodbye to each other. I will also have open office hours in my zoom room on my last day (Tuesday, June 30) where you can pop in and out as you are able to say hi and goodbye. The link for that time will be sent in that week’s bulletin.

You have been a wonderful congregation and I will hold you in my heart forever. My Professional Code of Conduct does state that upon leaving, I will need to cut all ministerial ties to this congregation. While that is sad and seems harsh, it is so that you all are able to grow and be able to create a relationship with your next minister.

Be well, my beloveds. While our futures are unknown during this time, I have all the faith that your future is bright and beautiful. May it be so.

~ Rev. Tracie

Please know that during this time, scammers are trying to take advantage of people. In doing that, they create a gmail account that looks like it comes from the minister and then sends out emails asking for money or gift card donations. Know that Rev. Tracie will only ever email you from her official UUMA account ( which has her signature block on it and will NEVER ask for a direct donation of money or gift cards. If you receive emails like this, please report as spam and delete.