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Rev. Tracie Barrett

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Monthly Message – February 2020

Rev. Tracie Barrett

As February starts, the busyness of the church year really begins. It’s mostly in the background, but it’s important to know that it’s happening. The Board of Trustees is preparing for the Annual Meeting, the Nominating Committee is preparing to select a slate of nominees for the board, and the Finance Committee is beginning to look ahead at the pledge campaign and the budget for next year.

All this work is happening in the background, but there are things that you can do to help with that work.

As we get closer to the Annual Meeting, if you are a voting member of this congregation, make sure to take the time to read any documents pertaining to the meeting ahead of time. Please plan to be there to make your voice heard in the future of our congregation. Each voting member has a right to vote and has a responsibility to be informed and ready to make that vote.

If you’re interested in serving our congregation in a leadership capacity, let us know. If you are interested in serving, but worry you don’t have the skills, come talk to me. There are leadership development modules available through the Southern Region of the UUA and I can point you to them. If you’re interested in serving on the board, make sure to let the Nominating Committee know (you can find the list of committee members in the order of service).

The biggest way you can support the work happening right now is to start thinking about your pledge. This congregation builds its budget based on pledges that come in for the next year. It takes a lot to maintain our building, provide programming and speakers, and pay our staff. When our Finance Committee comes to ask you to make your pledge, I hope that you will think about the ways this congregation has touched you and pledge to support it. The quicker you turn in your pledges for our next year, the quicker our Finance Committee and Board of Trustees can make decisions about the budget.

Our congregation exists because of the input and the contributions of each one of you. May we all work together to build the future of UUCLC.

~ Rev. Tracie