Because of the coronavirus, we have had to do some unusual things. Ordinarily, our Annual Meeting takes place during the first Sunday in April. At that meeting, we elect Board of Trustee members as needed and the financial committee goes over the proposed budget for the next fiscal year. Because we closed our building in March, we had to elect BOT members electronically and the budget was delayed. The BOT is now ready to present the proposed budget to the congregation at what will be the second part of our Annual Meeting. This will take place on September 6th, following the service. Those attending the service will be able to stay on their Zoom connection to attend and comment.

Animal Blessing Service

Rev. Tracie will be conducting an Animal Blessing Service on June 21st at 11:00 am.  We hope you and your beloved pet(s) can join us via ZOOM for this very special service!  The Zoom link will be available to members and friends in our weekly Service Announcement sent via email a day or two before the service.

If your pets are shy or uncooperative, you are encouraged to have a photo nearby to share with us. If you have a beloved pet that has passed, we will also have time to honor them, so please have a photo or other token ready to share.

We’re Using Zoom!

Since our building is closed until further notice, UUCLC is now using ZOOM to facilitate meetings and services.  If you would like to schedule a ZOOM meeting for your committee or group, please send an email to with your name and email address and Val Rosado will send  you a request form.

New UUCLC Online Giving Opportunity

We want to make supporting UUCLC easy for members and friends.  This is particularly important during the current COVID 19 crisis when our building is closed but we still have bills to pay.

Sign up to use our new e-giving option!  You can schedule regular donations or one-time donations to our general fund.  Regular donations can help support our mission throughout the year with a more predictable donation stream.

If you prefer to text a donation, our Text-To-Give # is: 833-571-1101.  Simply text to this number and you will be prompted to enter credit/debit card information.  The funds are transferred immediately to our UUCLC account and included in our financial reports.  Fees are 2.75%+0.45 per transaction. A donor can select on the donation page if they want to offset the fees with a small donation to cover fees.