Local Solar Co-op News

UUCLC is proud to sponsor the Lake and Sumter County Solar Co-op happening right now, courtesy of Solar United Neighbors.  The co-op provides an opportunity to learn about going solar and to join with like-minded neighbors to select a vendor for the group and to go forward with purchasing a rooftop solar system at a discounted price (power in numbers).  Or not. There is no obligation, and membership is free.  Learn more below.


  1. By Florida law, HOA’s cannot prohibit you from installing rooftop solar.
  2. You are currently eligible for a tax credit of 26% of the cost of your system.  That’s CREDIT, not deduction or exemption.  In 2021, the tax credit will be 22%.  There is currently no Federal incentive in place beyond 2021.
  3. Rooftop solar is connected to your utility company.  Net metering captures the “net” energy drawn from your rooftop solar vs. your utility company.  If you generate more power than you purchase, you will receive a credit from the utility company.  NOTE: SECO has their own way of handling this. Be sure to check it out.
  4. The Lake and Sumter County Solar Co-op committee selected Optimus Solar of Mount Dora as its vendor.  Optimus Solar offers a considerable discount on systems purchased though the co-op.  Electronic Vehicle chargers and storage batteries also available.
  5. You can learn more about solar and the co-op at an upcoming (October 5 or 6) or pre-recorded information session. Click here to register:  https://coops.solarunitedneighbors.org/coops/lake-county-solar-co-op/events/
  6. The co-op will be open to new members until October 30, with no obligation to purchase anything.  It’s a great opportunity to get all your questions answered and to have support throughout the purchase and installation process.  Learn more and sign up here:  https://solarunitedneighbors.org/lake

There are a lot of good reasons for going solar now.  It’s a good investment and working through the co-op is even more cost-effective.  It increases energy independence.  It’s a step YOU can take to help reduce pollution and habitat degradation though fossil fuel extraction and spills; to support environmental, racial, and all-around social justice; and to address climate change.

Co-op questions?  Contact Barbara Marrow at marrow.barbara@gmail.com


Because of the coronavirus, we have had to do some unusual things. Ordinarily, our Annual Meeting takes place during the first Sunday in April. At that meeting, we elect Board of Trustee members as needed and the financial committee goes over the proposed budget for the next fiscal year. Because we closed our building in March, we had to elect BOT members electronically and the budget was delayed. The BOT is now ready to present the proposed budget to the congregation at what will be the second part of our Annual Meeting. This will take place on September 6th, following the service. Those attending the service will be able to stay on their Zoom connection to attend and comment.