Important News Regarding Emails from the Minister

I have heard from some area clergy colleagues who have had their emails 'spoofed' and messages requesting money have been sent to their congregations. These messages have been crafted to appear as if they are coming from the minister, but are actually generated from a different source.

For the record, I will never send emails to anyone in the congregation requesting direct donations to the minister's discretionary fund or any other program that would ask money be sent directly to the minister. I will also never request that contributions be made in small denomination pre-paid credit or gift cards. If you have received, or at any time in the future receive, an email that appears to be from me requesting donations other than our pledge drive, please contact me or any board member. The email should also be saved for authorities to review.

And, never send donations addressed to the minister. Contributions should only be sent to the Congregation directly, or offered in the weekly plate.