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UUCLC Classes beginning in 2019

You can sign up in the narthex for the following classes.

Spirit In Practice by Joyce Axelson & Chris Cleveland

2nd & 4th Wednesdays, Jan-Apr, 10-11:30 am, Room 113

In this 8 session class, participants are invited to reflect, share and grow together to develop regular practices of the spirit.  You will explore ways to nurture your connections with the sacred in everyday life, however you understand the sacred.

Bibliodrama by Peter & Susan Pitzele

1st Monday, Jan-Apr, 10:30-noon

Using the arts and imagination, these sessions will explore stories from the Book of Ruth.  No biblical education required.

Uncovering What Is Authentic by Howard McQueen

1st & 3rd Thursdays, Jan-Mar, 6:30-8:30+ pm

This offering assists participants to connect with their inner coach and intuition, developing deep listening skills.  What one speaks, writes, draws, dreams, yearns for and avoids, all carry meaning.  Focusing on cooperative group dynamics, we gently encourage each other to explore, uncover and reconsider relationships with ourselves and how we can more consciously relate to our world and to each other.

Limited to a dozen participants.

Why Mindfulness? by Joyce Axelson & Fred Lorch

Saturdays, Jan 5th &19th, Feb 2nd, 1-4 pm in Social Hall

Explore the roots, benefits, and practice of Mindfulness.  This workshop will utilize teachings and experiences to develop or increase your present practice of Mindfulness.  Mindfulness Practice is a tool this is widely accepted and practiced throughout the world.

Tai Chi Instruction - Chris Cleveland

Tuesdays 8:45-9:45 am Jan-May in Social Hall

Due to insurance restrictions, UUCLC members only

Tai Chi ClassTai Chi originated in ancient China and today is practiced throughout the world as an effective exercise for better health.  It consists of gentle, fluid movements that can be done standing or seated.