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January 5 - Kristen Hughes

"To Dwell Together In Peace - A New Beginning"

January 12 - Peggy Wolfson

"From Orchid to Brazil Nut: The Interconnected Web” - Peggy Wolfson is a scientist who spent her career in biochemistry, researching for the USDA on invasive agricultural weeds. She specialized in finding ways to control weeds without chemicals, finding insects, molds and diseases to do the job.  Peggy is also a poet and is an editor for The Comstock Review.  She has been a Unitarian since 1980.

January 19 - Rev. Tracie Barrett

"What’s Your Plan?" -  It’s the start of a new year, what’s your plan?  Rev. Tracie encourages us to look at focus words to go into 2020 with intention.

January 26 - Rev. Tracie Barrett
"The Power of Yes" - What does it mean to fully embrace yes? What does it mean to respect no? Rev. Tracie explores how consent is important in all aspects of our lives.


Join us before service at 9:30 a.m. for Discussion Group, as we discuss topics of concern to Unitarian Universalists.

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