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Services and Sermons

May 2018

Sunday Service

Discussion Group at 9:30 a.m.

"Celebration of Life" Service at 11:oo a.m. (announcements at 10:45)

May. 6: Eleanor Bentley: “The Three Ms - Materialism, Metaphysics, and Mysticism

We welcome Unity Minister, Eleanor Bentley back to our pulpit. Eleanor became interested in the concept of Metaphysics at Unity church in Lakeland where she raised a family. Her interest eventually led her to seminary at Unity School of Christianity where she obtained her Masters of Divinity in 1995.  She has spent nearly 30 years in the ministry, including at Unity at the Lakes in Mount Dora. She is currently minister at Unity of Gainesville. Her work includes an online ministry as well as teaching, speaking and consulting.

May 13: Pete Kersey - “Mean Spirit - On the Mean Spirit that has been let loose these days

After swearing off organized religion and considering himself a “none” for many years, Pete was invited to make a presentation as a Crime Prevention officer to the Vero Beach UUs. He says he was so impressed with the questions and comments that he decided to try a Sunday service. After a few years he found himself writing and delivering sermons. He now shares his passion for Unitarian Universalism with a dozen or so other congregations in Florida. Pete is currently President of the Vero Beach congregation and we are happy to welcome him back to our pulpit.

May 20: Rev. Tracie - “Letting Go

When we hold too tightly to things that no longer serve us, our hands are not open to receive new things. Join Rev. Tracie as we explore the beauty in letting go and breathing new life into our community.

Our Welcoming Service for new members who attended the last two Membership classes will be held during the service this morning. There will be a reception after the Celebration of Life Service. Please plan to help us welcome our newest members.

May 27: Rev. Tracie - “Enter in Joy

We have so much to be joyful for in our community. Rev. Tracie explores and celebrates the joy in our lives. This will be Rev. Tracie's last sermon before she goes on leave for the summer (No worries! She will return in August!)

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