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Our regular Sunday Service, known as our
Celebration of Life,
begins at
11 a.m. every Sunday.


August 25 - Rev. Tracie Barrett

“Connections” - We must work together to make a difference in our community. How do we build these connections? We begin by welcoming new members to our congregation and Rev. Tracie will discuss how we take that further.

September 1 - Janeane Reagan

"The Garden of Good and Evil in Our Brain Revisited" - As we witness the ever increasing occurrences of senseless violence in our country and around the world, we look for answers to the causes and the cures.  Brain scientists and social psychologists are teaming up to help us understand the human and environmental factors behind these "evil" acts.  The same research offers us hope for ways to foster compassion and caring behaviors we consider "good" and which fall in line with our UU Principles.

September 8 - Joe Donatone

"A Flashlight against the Darkness" - Exploring our expectations of each other and our faith communities individually and collectively, how can we be that source of light for others?


Join us before service at 9:30 a.m. for Discussion Group, as we discuss topics of concern to Unitarian Universalists.

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