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Discussion Groups

Sunday Morning
Discussion Group

Meeting weekly from 9:30 am to 10:30 am in the UUCLC Social Hall

October 7 – Harvard Justice Series, “Putting a Price on Life” by Michael Sandal, moderated by Carl Skiles.

October 14 – TED Talk: “It’s Time To Reclaim Religion” by Sharon Brous.

October 21, 28 – To be announced.

Thursday Science & Philosophy Discussion Group

Meeting every Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 12 pm in the UUCLC Social Hall

This is not a class. It is a meeting of persons interested in the topics to have an open discussion to express their knowledge of the subjects and to exchange ideas and opinions.

Moderator: Franklin Pennington

Oct. 4 Social groups have customs, norms, LAWS ... Let us discuss SCRUPLES, the ideals we strive for and what actions we expect from others, including PROFESSIONS .. doctors (do no harm ?), lawyers (justice ?), politicians (serve the people ?) Oh, and what are YOUR "scruples"?

Oct. 11 In his book "Collapse," J. Diamond makes careful investigations into the complex REASONS civilizations fail. From Rome and Egypt to current nations, what makes for shaky foundations and final COLLAPSE? Has our science added some NEW players to this drama?

Oct. 18 AS we prepare for midterm elections, how does our "party" system operate? Insofar as we borrowed a lot of this system from Europe's values and ideas, look BACK across the "pond" to see WHAT is happening in England, France, Spain and the EU? For that matter, herein the U.S. Mike Lofgren writes in his 2012 book that "The Party is Over"-- could he be right?

Oct. 25 Most spiritual systems acknowledge that "The Wheel turns," life comes and goes, we plant and harvest. Japan's Shinto has "Dance of the Dead," European Pagans have Samhain or events of a similar meaning. How do we embrace this TRUTH, beyond colorful Halloween costumes of skeletons? Oh, and what about the ...uhhh, Hereafter ?