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Discussion Groups

(Cancelled until further notice)

           Sunday Morning            Discussion Group

Meeting weekly from 9:30 am to 10:30 am in the UUCLC Social Hall

March 15:  We will use Covenant Circle format to discuss our second UU Principle:  We covenant to affirm and promote justice, equity and compassion in human relations.  This month we will have each group in a different room, so that people can hear and concentrate better.  We will all start in the Social Hall at 9:30 am.

March 22:  

Thursday Science & Philosophy Discussion Group

Meeting every Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 12 pm in the UUCLC Social Hall

This is not a class. It is a meeting of persons interested in the topics to have an open discussion to express their knowledge of the subjects and to exchange ideas and opinions.

Moderator: Franklin Pennington

March Discussions:

March 05 Ahhh, the BIG choices we make for our Little ones HOW to educate: Public or private schools, even home schools? Behind the choices, what are the VALUE systems driving our choices and in your personal observations, how about OUTCOMES? Also who makes the choices and who gets the money in ANY society? "Educated - A Memoir" by Tara Westover, tells us of ONE unusual outcome and raises the gorilla in the room question: Just WHO should the decider be anyway?

March 12 Myths from around the world have tales of problems solved by THE HERO (or Heroine) but just HOW does this happen ? Media for children is SATURATED by winners with assorted Super Powers but as the ADULTS in the room, how is this supposed to WORK? When Captain Marvel's SHAZAM (magic word) and the Hulk's anger fail to provide invincible powers, WHICH fable can guide us ? Drakestail or the Little Red Hen ? On the personal side, WHO did you identify with? Anyone for Tarzan? Suggested reading: Joseph Campbell's "Hero of a Thousand Faces"

March 19 "Death is the big downer, Baby!" Frank Sinatra supposedly said. Marcus Aurelius said that it was worthless to WORRY over inevitable things, such as death. Ram Dass wrote "Be Here Now" and later after a stroke, "Still Here: Embracing Aging, Changing and Dying". The EU is divided on the question of assisted suicide. Okay, so how do you see this issue and does your family agree with your views? Finally, have you Vets filed your "Advance Directive" with the V. A.?

March 26 ALL cultures ponder what to do about recreational DRUG use and what laws, if any, to impose. You can be whipped in public for alcohol use in Saudi Arabia, and we experimented with prohibition in the U.S. --how did that work out? Portugal enforces NO LAWS against users of recreational drugs -- could that work here? And consider the horrors of the opioid crisis, but at the same time consider that NOBODY would be selling drugs if there were not BUYERS! Drug seizures by the DEA probably just drives up the PRICES for users! OKAY, today decide "Who is winning the war on drugs?" See any glimmer of hope in any political platform?