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Discussion Groups

           Sunday Morning            Discussion Group

Meeting weekly from 9:30 am to 10:30 am in the UUCLC Social Hall

November 24:  Open Discussion

December 1:  Susan Fetter of the Lake County Water Authority will discuss current issues involving water in Lake County.

December 8:  Open Discussion

December 15:  Open Discussion

December 22:  Open Discussion

December 29:  Open Discussion

Thursday Science & Philosophy Discussion Group

Meeting every Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 12 pm in the UUCLC Social Hall

This is not a class. It is a meeting of persons interested in the topics to have an open discussion to express their knowledge of the subjects and to exchange ideas and opinions.

Moderator: Franklin Pennington

December Discussions:

Dec 05  Today we discuss DREAMS and inevitably, human CONSCIOUSNESS, whatever that might be. So WHO is the dreamer anyway, and are dreams useful or useless? Can your dream life be directed and well, should it be? Lucid Dreamers seem to bridge the gap and able to both direct vivid dream events AND come back with elaborate details of their dream experiences -- would you like to do that? And then there was the Buddha, who simply said that he was "Always awake!"

Dec 12  'Tis the season to be spending, tra-la-la-la-la-lahhhh! We enjoy all the perks and gadgets and credit card DEBT is so easy! Why we may get to DEFER any payments for a YEAR or two, whoopie!! Okay, consider the DOWN side having a huge debt, either you personally OR your company or your government? High risk interest rates, bankruptcy, and back when Debtor's Prison! So who WINS in this game with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and credit lines from the FED? Yes, it gets complicated.

Dec 19  Remember Rudolph, whose RED NOSE caused ridicule and exclusion from 'reindeer games'? Today we review the legalities, social norms and experiences of people with sexual orientations (LGBTQ and more !) that well, may stand out like Rudolph's red nose (WHICH as far as we know, was NOT Rudolph's choice). How have religions SPOKEN about such issues, and consider:  Should anyone be stoned, and if so, by whom? What is happening on the international scene?

Dec 26  NO S&P today, finishing off Santa's BOURBON!