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Discussion Groups

 May 2018

Sunday Discussion Group

Meeting weekly from 9:30 am to 10:30 am in the UUCLC Social Hall

May 6th:  Since there is so much animosity in this country these two TED Talks would be good for a discussion:

  • “Why it's worth listening to people you disagree with”, by Zachary R. Wood
  • “How to have better political conversations”, by Robb Willer

May 13:  TED Talk: “Why Does the Universe Exist” by Jim Holt

May 20:  “The UU Website, how to access and use it”, by David Jantz

May 27:  Open Forum - Bring your topics for discussion.

Thursday Science & Philosophy Discussion Group

Meeting weekly from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm in the UUCLC Social Hall

This is not a class. It is a meeting of persons interested in the topics to have an open discussion to express their knowledge of the subjects and to exchange ideas and opinions.

Moderator: Franklin Pennington

May 3rd: Consider the different FORMS of "government", i.e., "WHO is the Decider?" Monarchy, Theocracy, even Anarchy -- what does Machiavelli have to say? What happened in Iran under the Shah, and what changes ARE taking place in .. Saudi Arabia ? OR Russia, OR here, for that matter!

May 10th: Pondering Anthropology -- review of the last decade or so of recent FINDINGS in the study of Humans plus what they build and destroy.  Let's look at the "peer reviewed published discoveries" of what these researchers have "dug up " all over the world!  DNA and dating techniques have helped a lot ...

May 17th: "Let's PRIVATIZE it!"  Hmmm, what is the promise, the profit and the problems of this strategy as tried in ... the Military, Prisons, the V.A., even our Schools?  For example, WHAT do you know about..  Blackwater security?  In all of these Transformations, do the workers see their ole and responsibility differently?

May 24th: AS it was once observed, "IF you destroy your body, WHERE will you live?"  In the interest of keeping your TRUE living space, WHAT have we learned about the IMMUNE system?  Where is it produced, how does it operate, and how about the new term "immunosenescence"?  What practical knowledge and practice do we need to keep our defenders in tip-top shape for as long as possible? OH and has your physician EVER discussed this with you personally?

May 31st: AS we come to Memorial Day, consider :  What is the real COST of war anyway, as throughout history some have paid the price while others made a profit?  Colonial empires fought wars of conquest for territory, and with wars over religion and civil wars, even Opium Wars -- is there an END in sight?  Read "Thank You For Your Service" by David Finkel for insight into the PERSONAL costs in injuries and PTSD for U.S. warriors.

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