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If you are interested in more information about any of the following committees, or you would like to be part of one, please let us know by sending a message on our contact page.

Social Justice: Russ Littlefield 

The mission of the Social Justice & Environment Committee is to be a positive, supportive force for social justice and environmental issues in the community. We have supported a number of campaigns throughout the years, that we remain committed to, including local food banks such as Hearts and Hands, campaigns for farmworker justice with the National Farm Worker Ministry and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the local Audubon Society, becoming a Welcoming Congregation, and participating in the Side With Love (formerly Standing of the Side of Love) interfaith campaign. Stay tuned for updates and meeting times in the monthly UUCLC newsletters!

Finance Committee: Chris Higgins

The Mission of the Finance Committee is to oversee the finances of the Congregation in a responsible manner.  The Goals of the Finance Committee are to support the Treasurer, to increase income through pledging and fundraising, to decrease outgo through fund saving, to develop the annual budget, and to educate the Congregation on its financial processes and status. The Finance Committee meets monthly, provides the Agenda and records the Minutes for each meeting, advises and is advised by the Board of Trustees, and reports as needed to the Congregation and to its Members.

Building & Grounds: Christina Wilkins

The Building & Grounds Committee is responsible for the operation and maintenance of our beautiful new building including security.  One of our goals is to enhance the landscaping of our property.  If you enjoy gardening, please volunteer to help.

Interior Design: Gina Rossi

Interior Design ensures that enhancements to the interior of our new building are done tastefully and represent UU practices where appropriate.

Care and ConnectToni Prather, Lois Sanford and Debbie Miller

We network within our Congregation to reach out to those in need.

Publicity: Open

The Publicity committee runs the UUCLC Facebook page and places ads as well as articles on our special events in the Orlando Sentinel and other local publications. This committee also oversees the UUCLC website. If you like to write, work on the computer, or take photos, the Publicity committee needs you!

MusicKit Tatum

We adopted the title of UU Singers from our founding members and our choir has held the name since that time.  The music committee is composed of volunteer musicians and singers. Do you love to sing? Play an instrument? We welcome anyone who wants to share his or her talents with us. For more information and the time and place for rehearsals, contact Kit Tatum by calling UUCLC, or emailing

WRAP (Sunday Service planning)Val Conde

The WRAP committee is responsible for scheduling speakers, chalice lighters, readings and music for our weekly Celebration of Life services, which sometimes include special events such as our Water Communion.

Discussion Group:

The Discussion Group committee schedules speakers, videos, and lively general discussions on timely issues of the day, historical events, science, and world religions. Discussion group is held every Sunday at 9:30 am.

Membership: Suzie Lockwood

The Membership committee welcomes newcomers when they arrive, and encourages them to sign our “visitor’s sheet.” At this time, they also hand them a visitor’s packet, which contains information about our congregation, our minister, and Unitarian Universalism.   A member of the committee follows up by phone or email with everyone who signs in. They are prepared to answer any questions that visitors have about membership and the procedure for joining.  If the visitors choose to become members, the committee will set up an orientation meeting with the minister at which they may sign our official membership book.  The committee also plans two new member induction ceremonies a year, which are held during the Celebration of Life service on Sunday morning.

Hospitality: Bernie Greenberg

The Hospitality Committee takes responsibility for the UUCLC kitchen and serves from it to nurture the community, both our own and the wider community in which we are embedded. We understand "nurture" in material terms: we provide Sunday morning fare for our social hours, and we host occasions, from a pot-luck Thanksgiving to events of cultural and social interest. We also understand "nurture" in a spiritual sense: to offer comfort, compassion, and welcome to anyone, regardless of who they are, who is in need.

Lifespan Faith DevelopmentChristie Cleveland and Cecilia Everist

This committee helps guide the congregation in their search for truth and meaning by coordinating educational offerings, surveying needs and wants, recruiting facilitators and providing a venue and materials for classes or circles.  Our sub-committees are:  Children’s Education, Adult Education, Library and Small Groups.  We are also looking for members to help with children’s circles or to facilitate adult circles.

Safe Congregation:  Julie Twist

The Safe Congregation Committee is an umbrella committee whose purpose is to develop policies and procedures related to the emotional and hysical well-being of our congregation.  The committee will work in conjunction with other committees such as the Building and Grounds (safety team), Education and Social Justice.

Right Relations Team (RRT) is a task force with the Safe Congregation Committee whose purpose is to educate and guide the congregation towards more effective ways of relating to each other through conscious covenental living.

The Mediation Team is a task force with the Safe Congregations Committee whose purpose is to assist members in times of personal crisis.