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Children and Youth U.U. Education

Due to Corona virus precautions, the Children’s Program at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lake County will be suspended until further notice.  We will not be having classes and the parent’s meeting is postponed until a later date.
Sylvia Wince, Director of UUCLC YRE   

Children/Youth classes 11:00 - beginning of sermon
(Bring children to classroom before you go to sanctuary)


Childrens' Chalice Classroom


  • Chalice Children (infants-3rd graders) in Chalice Children's Room
  • UU Youth (4th - 7th graders) in left classroom, room #113

Through stories, songs, arts & crafts and other age appropriate activities our enthusiastic volunteer staff will guide children/youth towards being respectful of others, responsible for our environment & to be life loving individuals. Based on our UU principles each child/youth will be encouraged to develop his/her own ethics & spiritual awareness.

Sylvia Wince is coordinating our children's religious education (RE) program.  She is a life-long U.U. and has taught U.U. children's RE for many years.  She also directed an RE program for 4 years.  Sylvia was also a classroom teacher.  She and her husband currently live in Lakeview Terrace Retirement Community in Altoona.