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 Activities & Education

The Congregation has regularly scheduled activities as well as special activities that vary from month to month. All friends and members of the Congregation are welcome to come to any event, unless noted otherwise, though space may be limited in some venues. We invite you to come and participate or just sit back and enjoy the hospitality. Please let the event host know that you plan to come. The host can also provide directions.

If you want to host an event, please contact the office at or if you are a member, please fill out the form in the Members Area.

Ongoing Activities

Spiritual Matinees –Val Conde and Pete Conde for suggesting this idea and implementing the first matinee on Saturday, July 14th. The Matinees will continue on the second Saturday of the Month from 4-6 pm with a film, discussion, and popcorn.

Meditation Group
Meditation group meets every Monday evening at 6:00 pm in the new church for an hour of readings and meditation.

UU Singers
A diverse group of Congregation members who enjoy singing have combined to form a group called the Eustis UU Singers. This group will perform for the pleasure of the Congregation on the last service of each month. The group meets during the month to select appropriate pieces and to practice. The UU Singers always welcome new members. For more information email us at

UU Book Club
For more details, call Russ Littlefield.

UU Lunch Group
For casual fun, talk, and food, join this happy group that meets once a month at a different local restaurant. The venue and time are posted in the weekly Order of Service. Call for details.

Circle Dinners
Circle dinners or circle lunches, bring friends, newcomers, and members of the congregation together to share food and get acquainted.

Each spring, anyone wishing to participate in our circle dinners signs up to be either a host or a guest, or both. Then groups of 6-8 people are set up; one person is the host, the others are guests. Together they decide on a date and time for their dinner or lunch at the host’s home. The host decides the menu, but does no cooking. The guests each bring one component of the meal, for example salad, dessert, bread, etc. Some hosts are more specific than others. It all depends on the menu.  Whatever the food, these casual, comfortable get-togethers are always fun. We part knowing each other a little better than before, and often we’ve made some new friends.